Hi. I’m Clary.

First and foremost this blog is a safe space – which means you can throw in any idea under the sun, no matter how ridiculous or irreverent or appalling, as long as it’s not ad hominem – and it’s a safe place for me and anyone who wants to write, read, or comment. In a nutshell, I like writing of things that I care about; theology, political commentary, and communication among them. They are also the things that are difficult for me to speak of sometimes in person. My goal is to explore these topics and capture them here, as well as start some much-needed dialogue if possible.

A bit about me: I’m currently a college student in Ateneo de Manila, and my course is AB Communications (which I’m very in love with). I like hugging people and learning how they work. Not to sound redundant. 🙂

I hope you have fun reading!

(P.S. Citation Note: The quote on the blog’s tagline is borrowed from BBC Sherlock’s The Great Game.)